About Us

Who we are?

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Microweb Solution is an information Technology and Enterpreneurial Development Company registered under Nigeria Business and Corporate Companies Establishment laws. We provide high quality web solutions and unequalled 24/7 after-service customer support.

we have a long working profile in Lagos and our clientèle base range from financial institution, government agencies, commercial bank, NGO, Telecommunication, Schools and other private organization. Our mandate and vision is to Design a good website that are highly cost effective and cost efficient to the fulfillment and satisfaction of our customers.

We also started out as a graphic design company. As we evolved, it became clear that our customers needs were changing and since 2011 have proudly provided comprehensive, wide ranging and diverse Digital Services to both long standing and new customers across all business sectors.

Our years of experience in Digital Services, a strong and extremely effective management structure has developed at Microweb Solution, this has allowed us to grow to our present strength and ensures that we provide the highest possible level of services and commitment to each and every customer. Our aim is not simply to comply with standards but to set them.

Executive Summary

With the level of glovalisation the business and corporate world is experiencing today, it is obvious that Information Technology is taking the forefront. It is of great importance that the Nigeria Business community should think it paramount to kay into this trend and encourage its young intellects and pro-tech enterpreneurs to compete at global standards with world-class web solutions.

This will provide them with an enabling envirionment to suitably reach the pinnacle of their potentials and glide through the business tarrains with astonishing level of progress. It is an consideration of this that we present this proposal to implement a web-worthy online. representation of your business, programmers, organization, ministry or activity.

This will greatly enhance and enable the integration of Information Technology Solutions into Digital Marketing Platform. This will go a long way to simplify the complexity of daily transactions and visibility in the global business market. Then your business has a portal to the world where there are no longer limitations to the power of earning and development.

MICROWEB SOLUTION has therefore devised a plan to bring your Digital Marketing Platform and professionals to meet global ICT Standards. This plan also covers the training of your marketing department staff (If available but optional) with internationally recognized current trends in ICT education and solutions implementations.